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The North East coast of Tasmania is host to a truly stunning coastline, just waiting to be explored and photographed.

Top of everyone's list is the Bay Of Fires, starting with Binalong Bay, just 10km north of St Helens. The boulders are covered in iconic orange lichen, the sand is sparkling white and the water is crystal clear.  You can spend hours snorkeling the inlets, lagoons and bays. The diving is also excellent with visibility of up to 20 metres. Bushwalking, birdwatching, kayaking and fishing are great year round activities, with swimming and snorkeling in the warmer months.

Beaumaris, just 10 minutes south of St Helens is great for beach fishing. 

Scamander is only 20 minutes south of St Helens and the beach there is a favourite all year round and the home of the local Surf Life Saving Club.

And yes, there are a number of surf breaks along the East Coast. Depending on the swell, surf breaks can be found at Four Mile Creek, Falmouth, Scamander, Shelley Point, Beer Barrel Beach, Binalong Bay and Taylors Beach.

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